Course Intro

2-Day O-Level A-math Bootcamp Practice Exam Techniques!

This September holiday, we’ll help you acquire the essential skills required for your O-Level A-Math exam! If you’re a Secondary 4 / 5 student, this is the perfect chance to recap your knowledge with us in preparation for your upcoming exam. If you’re a Secondary 3 student, this is the best summary course to enhance your current mathematics abilities, in preparation for your next year.

You will go through intensive revision of O-Level A-Math concepts for selected topics. You will also be provided with specially selected questions to ensure that key knowledge sectors are covered. The homework provided will also help further boost your understanding and secure your distinction!

Note: The bootcamp is based on Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (Syllabus 4049)

Course Highlights Why choose US?

  • Curated questions selected to cover more content in less time
  • Learn the required thought-process for approaching questions of varying difficulty
  • Learn the specific techniques needed to tackle examination questions
  • Interactive Q&A sessions during each lesson
  • Learn about common examination mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Detailed solutions for in-class practice and post-class homework

Lesson Plan

2 hour Lesson  + 1 hour Homework 

Topics covered:  Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Inequalities and Surds.

2 hour Lesson  + 1 hour Homework 

Topics covered: Logs, Polynomials and Partial Fractions.







$ 5


The course is based on  Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (Syllabus 4049)

The bootcamp is mainly designed for Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 students who are preparing for the O-level A-math exam. We also welcome students from Integrated Programme (IP) streams to have a quick recap of the topics covered.

The live lesson link will be announced 1 day before the lesson starts. No registration is required. Please contact Rachel for more details.

3 days before the lesson starts, you will be given the lecture notes for printing.
After the lesson, you will receive detailed solutions for in-class questions and homework questions.
One day after the lesson, the students who submit homework will receive detailed homework solutions. 

There are available! Sign up early!

About Teacher

David Neo

Math Teacher

Mr David Neo has more than 8 years of teaching experience in GCE O’ Level A-Math and E-Math. He has worked with students of diverse backgrounds and trained students from both GCE O Level and Integrated Programme (IP) streams. Considered an approachable and friendly teacher who brings the subject of mathematics to life, he believes his tutoring extends beyond the confines of his lessons and always ensures his students receive the help they need to fully understand what he taught.

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Please Contact Ms Rachel to book the lessons