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Get 'Miao' for FREE !

Searching for personalised learning resources has never been so easy!

Miao’s engine is powered by proprietary Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms, trained on data from thousands of students


Tired of typing everything into Google?
Snap a photo of any
Math question you have trouble with


Instantly find guided
step-by-step solutions for highly
similar word-based problems


Access personalised educational content
including videos, and articles to understand
the learning concepts behind each question.


Auto-solve equation questions
with step-by-step guidance including
Algebra, Calculus, Statistics and more...


Doing too many trigonometry questions?
Get real-time feedback on
your areas of weakness for improvement


叶子很生气 Year 11 Student

Very useful. Works as good as a free personal Math tutor

Priscilla Ng J1 Student

The app is wonderful!! I'm sure it will be a success among students as it helped me tremendously within this short period of time since I've downloaded it!

Vaibhav Nag J2 Student

Helpful as heck for JC students!

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