Course Intro

2021 O-Level Math Regular Class

Miao Course is the online tuition course conducted by Miao Academy in collaboration with experienced teachers from local tuition centers. 

Our course philosophy is: 

Affordable Pricing, Professional Lessons,

Diligent Teamwork, Automated Services.

Course Highlights

Individually Tailored Difficulty

We will evaluate the academic ability of our students through our pre-lesson feedback, post-lesson grading, and our continuous quizzing. This will allow us to customize the contents of our lesson to accommodate the needs of our students.

Automated Post-Class Services

Miao App and Miao Messenger Bot help students resolve any lingering questions they have after the lesson with AI technologies. In the future, we will also provide video solutions through our automated search engine.

Professional Team Of Educators

Dr. Zhang, a doctorate of statistics from NUS leads a team of experienced tutors, including former MOE teachers and NUS/NTU graduates with years of teaching experience.

Course Design Our 5-Step Cycle

Course Design

Suitable Students

Secondary 1 to 4 Express (GCE O-Level)/ Integrated Programme (IP) Students in 2021

Schedule & Price

*Class Size:  Max 12, Min 3 

Signup for at least One Term to secure your seat !

Term 1: (4 Jan – 21 March)   10 Lessons

Term 2: (22 March – 30 May) 10 Lessons 

Term 3: (14 Jun – 3 Oct)

15 Lessons (Sec 1, 2, 3) 20 Lessons (Sec 4)

Our Teachers

Special Offer

There are available! Sign up early!

Book Lesson

Please Contact Ms Rachel to book your lessons!





Please contact Rachel to book your classes. And you will need to pay at least one term to make a successful booking of your seat. 

We use the ClassIn system to conduct our regular lessons. Our teaching team will assist you on how to join our virtual classroom before the lesson starts.

No, there is no GST for each lesson. Our prices are inclusive.

No, there are no registration fees.

Softcopies of lesson materials will be provided to students before each lesson, please print them out before the lesson starts. 

We generally do not allow any transfer of classes. Should you need any assistance, please drop us an email at

If you cancel your class immediately after the first lesson of a term, you will receive a prorated refund without any penalties. However, from the second lesson of a term onwards, no refunds will be available for cancellation.

We will not be able to reschedule you as there are other students enrolled in each class. However, a recorded lesson is provided after each lesson for your playback should you miss the lesson. You may also feel free to ask any questions about the lesson in the class group. 

Yes, of course! The fees will be prorated based on the number of remaining lessons in that term when the student enrolls.

Sorry, we don't provide any free trial for regular lessons. However, you may view our past public lessons FOR FREE to understand how our lessons are conducted. After the first lesson, should you be unsatisfied with our class, we do offer a prorated refund for the remainder of your lessons and will only charge you for that first lesson. Please refer to our section on Refunds for more details.

Currently we only accept bank transfers and PayNow transfers. Please contact Rachel for more details.

Fees are due at the start of each term. Since class spaces are available on a first come first serve basis, for new students, your slots are only guaranteed after you’ve successfully made payment.